Tonye was the go to feature singer for Vancouver’s EDM producers and DJs for years, a soulful, powerful voice that stood out, giving her the confidence to create music of her own that reflects who she is. Signed to 604 Records after two solo releases, her new EP, Villain, is a fun, groovy, electronic spiked R&B/soul recording that declares the arrival of an artist not to be messed with.

She is outgoing and outspoken, a big personality, who can just as quickly laugh at the error of her ways as she can fall in love. Her music is all about that: Love. She writes better in hindsight “Oh, that guy! What was I thinking?”  In fact, she can’t wait to call the guy out from the stage who inspired her song “Villain” and declare her worth (and every woman’s) in her anthem “Queen.”  The lady speaks her mind.

Video – Villain (Live @ 604 Records)