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Where in the Heck is Rock Creek??

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

People often say to us, “We want to go to Ponderosa, but where the heck is Rock Creek?!” Well, we’ll tell you. Rock Creek is a small, undiscovered BC community that is rich with history and natural beauty. It sits on the banks of the Kettle River nestled in the stunning Kettle Valley. It is the gateway to the Kootenay region. Rock Creek is a short drive from the Okanagan town of Osoyoos. In fact, it is close enough that in summer months you can practically taste the peaches and smell the sunscreen. If you’re coming to Rock Creek from Vancouver, Osoyoos is a must stop. Grab a bottle of wine, some fresh fruit, and get ready to step back in time. If you are coming from Kelowna, set your cruise control and get ready for an hour and a half of open road freedom down Highway 33.

The dust from the gold rush days has long settled in Rock Creek, but places like the Prospector Pub and Gold Pan Café definitely remind visitors of a different era. And don’t be surprised if you see a tractor parked at the Rock Creek Store, or a herd of cattle crossing the highway; life is a little simpler in Rock Creek and that’s what makes it such a unique place. One of the many reasons we picked Rock Creek for the site of Ponderosa Festival was because it was further out in the country, away from the skyscrapers, the traffic lights and the exhaust fumes. We want to get people out of the city (especially those living on the coast) and expose them to some of the beautiful countryside we have right in our backyard. Rock Creek is a little gem waiting to be discovered by the adventurous and the curious – a destination well worth the drive. Oh, and did we mention that we just so happen to be bringing some unreal music and arts to this pristine, riverside site?

If you’re up for an adventure this summer where you can camp under the stars, listen to great beats and make some incredible friends, then escape the city and come on out to Ponderosa!

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