Summer Vacation With Andrew Judah - Ponderosa FestivalPonderosa Festival
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Summer Vacation With Andrew Judah

Monday, July 27th, 2015



As a kid, competing in a contest in June probably involved a high-stakes ice cream-powered egg-and-spoon race against your third-grade nemesis on the last day of school. As an adult, contests usually take a different form. Case in point: Andrew Judah, who won Kelowna’s K96-3 Emerging Artist Program in June. The baroque-pop musician demonstrated top-notch talent to take home first place in the contest, which, amongst other rewards, includes a slot at Ponderosa Fest. Read on to learn more about some of his summer memories don’t miss his Saturday set.

What do you know about Ponderosa and what are you expecting?
I know it’s a place. I’ve heard there are some bands there. I’m expecting to see some bands in that place.

What’s your favourite woodland creature?
The albino black bear.

Tell us about one of your adventures in the great outdoors.
I remember camping at Cultus Lake as a kid and riding my bike around in circles for days.

What band are you most looking forward to seeing?
Wait. There will be bands?

What game do you think you and your band’s cabin would have schooled all the other bands at in summer camp?
Brooding by the campfire.

What’s the album your parents are playing in the car that you’re pretending to zone out with your headphones on in the back seat, but are actually loving so much?
My parents only listened to terrible christian music. Keith Green was kind of awesome though.

Moonrise Kingdom, the Great Outdoors, or Addams Family Values (the one where Wednesday burns down Camp Chippewa)? (Or something totally different.) Why?
Heavyweights, because I haven’t seen the others.

Pool noodle or inner tube?
Pool noodle, because it makes a good weapon while also helping you stay afloat.

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